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How long will an EPDM rubber roof last?

An EPDM rubber roof is incredibly long-lasting and durable. The rubber recycled and used for the synthetic rubber membrane isn’t damaged under the sun’s UV or ultraviolet rays.

If installed correctly, you can expect a rubber roof to in excess of up to 50 years.

Because an EPDM flat roof is compromised of durable rubber, it can withstand extreme weather conditions such as hail or snow and common weather such as rain and strong winds. 

Furthermore, if the rubber membrane is ever damaged, torn or split, it’s incredibly easy to quickly repair. It’s common to find a flat rubber roof that has been installed since the 1970s. That’s why it’s so popular for homeowners.

It requires minimal maintenance throughout its lifetime.

This is what makes a rubber roof membrane extremely attractive for commercial and privately owned properties. It’s incredibly cost-effective and generally has a longer lifespan compared to traditional materials such as asphalt or felt.

How can I Improve my Flat Roof?

By simply installing a rubber roof with flashing tape, your roof won’t be damaged for long. We also offer a range of products designed to properly divert rainwater from your flat roof to your drains. Check out our kits below:

Rainwater doesn’t affect the properties of the rubber membrane, but we offer a range of accessories designed to correctly drain out any excess water, further protecting the structure of your roof. All our EPDM flat roofs come with a 20 or 25-year warranty to certified installers.

Unlike common, traditional materials such as tiles, slates, steel or felt, the roof membrane isn’t vulnerable to rust or moss growing onto it, nor will it tear, split or crack.

For further questions about maintaining and extending the life expectancy of your EPDM rubber roof, give us a call on 01306776626 or contact us here. We’ll be more than happy to help you today.


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