EPDM Roofing Calculator


EPDM flat roofing is becoming an increasingly popular roofing material for UK homeowners because it’s incredibly inexpensive to purchase, install and maintain over its lifetime, which can span decades.

These large, single sheets can be cut down to the correct size for your new roof.

Using a rubber membrane for your roof is used worldwide as well as the UK. Rubber Roofing Direct is committed to offering a range of EPDM rubber roof products designed to maximise the potential of your roof, save you money and give your home a sleek finish.

Most residential roofs can be covered in a single sheet of rubber. EPDM rubber roofing offers a number of benefits too, including:

  • Inexpensive to purchase and heat-free installation
  • Environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable
  • Incredibly durable in extreme weather conditions
  • Is moss and algae free
  • Can last in excess of 50 years
  • Energy-efficient compared to traditional roofing materials
  • Flame-Free Installation and low life-cycle cost

At Rubber Roofing Direct, popular products such as FlexiProof EPDM Membrane costs £9.49 + VAT per square metre.


If you’re unsure about how much roof membrane you need, we have an easy-to-use EPDM Flat Roof Kit Calculator designed to give you a clearer answer on how much an EPDM roof costs.

Although we sell our range of EPDM flat roofs per square metre, we also offer EPDM flat roof kits as well as EPDM flat roof shed kits too.

These EPDM flat roof kits come in a range of sizes designed to cover any given surface you want to apply the synthetic rubber membrane too. Depending on the kit you’ve chosen and for what surface, the kits include the correct adhesive and roller, instructions and gloves.

For more information, contact us or give us a call on 01306776626.

Rubber roofs have also been used by homeowners across the world for the past 40 years.

With a life expectancy of 50 years, you can be assured that your roof will be protected for the future.

  • Shed Rubber is designed to replace your current shed roofing such as felt.

We offer complete shed kits that can transform your shed roof today.

Furthermore, The International Kyoto Ecology Agreement recognises and recommends EPDM as the best value sustainable, environmentally friendly roofing material available today.

Our EPDM roofs are incredibly versatile and it can be used on a range of roof structures such as your homes roof, extension, garage or shed.

We also offer a 25-year warranty on our EPDM roof products.

At Rubber Roofing Direct, we offer an EPDM rubber roofing training session. We also offer a range of rubber roofing products.

For more questions about EPDM rubber roofs, give us a call on 01306776626 or contact us. For more information on EPDM rubber roofs, visit our EPDM FAQ section.