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1000s of trade roofers and DIYers rely on Rubber Roofing Direct Ltd! Whether you are a professional roofer ordering materials regularly or a DIY enthusiast repairing or replacing a shed, garage, or flat roof, we have the knowledge, skills, and the largest range of products to help you choose the right roofing material at discounted prices.

50+year life expectancy and a Guarantee

Compare rubber roofing products and find the perfect one for your roof. For peace of mind, remember that our eco-friendly product has a 50-year life expectancy, and we offer a certified installer with a 25-year rubber membrane guarantee.

50,000 satisfied customers

Over 50,000 satisfied customers trust our flat roofing solutions. From our shop supplying all the trade roofing products, we have professional installation videos showing you how to create the perfect rubber roof and save a few pounds into the bargain. Training Hub.

Free Delivery*

Trade Benefits: Join and Save: We welcome new trade rubber roofing customers. To apply for contractor trade prices, open a trade account here.

* Orders over £350

Advantages of EPDM Rubber Roofing

Roofing specialists and DIY enthusiasts appreciate EPDM rubber because it offers huge advantages over pitch or painted roof systems. How’s EPDM made?

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An EPDM flat roof is an ideal solution for any home or business owner who needs to take thorough care of their building. Our roofing materials will provide a high-quality, long-term, flat roofing system that will last over 50 years when correctly installed.


How much does it cost?

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Totally Resistant

EPDM is no problem for the British weather — in high or low temperatures and direct sunlight, an EPDM flat roof will not split or crack. The EPDM material is also hostile to moss and algae, making maintenance of your rubber roof a breeze. How long will it last?

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Easy Installation

Installing rubber flat roofing is very straightforward, and you will likely not need help from a specialist. Just roll out a piece of EPDM membrane to cover a large roof area much quicker than most felt and liquid systems.


All Major Brands in stock
We stock all the major rubber roofing membrane brands like FlexiProof One PieceShed-Rubber and FlexiProof Fleece-Backed.

Free Help & Advice
Check out our expert FAQs or call us to find out more on 01306 776626. We are available from 8 am, 5 days a week!

Same-Day Quotes
What can you expect from Rubber Roofing Direct? Friendly, knowledgeable, and professional advice.

Free Online Training
We even offer free online training and more structured in-house courses. Based in Surrey, we have been trading roofing supplies for years. More.

No Matter The Project Size
Our 20,000 sq ft warehouse has the widest range of roofing materials in stock and all the tools you might need  – even if you need to install a flat roof over 10,000m2.

Enjoy Lower Prices & Better Products
We are the only roofing supplier with its own brand of EPDM. We buy in volume and pass on the cost savings to you – there’s no compromise in quality.

Next Day Delivery
Order before 2pm, and we will dispatch the very same day! We offer convenient and stress-free ordering and simple returns.


Rubber Roofing Direct was set up by Managing Director Dale Acomb. He is an EPDM expert with over 20 years’ experience in the flat roofing industry, Dale has worked with just about every flat roofing material available and knows what works and what doesn’t.

Google Reviews

Phil Rowe
Phil Rowe
Excellent efficient service. Everything in stock and very knowledgeable staff
Chris Baldwin
Chris Baldwin
Good experience all round. I have never put EDPM on a roof before so it was a learning experience! I bought a kits and everything supplied was good quality and enough for the job. U-tube videos missed a couple of things. Do not install on a windy day! That was fun! If you have a roof attached to a vertical wall a triangular strip of wood just makes the change of slope neater. They say let the rubber rest for a hour. Really it should be quite a bit longer if it has been rolled up. Either that or use some gentle heat to remove the crease. The kit arrived next day which was good. The main problem we have had is the last of the trim and gutter still needs putting up as it has not stopped raining!!!
Colin Duxberry
Colin Duxberry
Great product and service. Recommended.
russ dux
russ dux
Great Services !!!! will be recommending to anyone installing EPDM , i messed up on my dimensions (did not include overhang), rang the guys at RRD and they said they would exchange , for correct size ,if I could Collect, to my surprise there was no extra charge ,Fantastic after care, all round top marks !!
Kenny Harvey
Kenny Harvey
Loved it
Great experience with this company. Good product which goes together well as a kit. Extremely happy with the result.
Frank Wu
Frank Wu
Original review: Helpful online calculator and speedy delivery, however the rubber sheet came folded instead of rolled up, leaving big deep creases that won'tgo away. When gluing them on they look ok but the next day you find it come off where the creases are. The water based glue isn't strong enough to hold the creased ridges even after Ieaving long timbers on top of them for days. Boards are new dry clean, temperature is 7-8, used bigger rollers to push it down, installed by professional roofer with 35 years of experience. Can't think of anything apart from poor quality could cause this problem. And some of the side trims don't look like the product photo. For my other roof I will buy the kit elsewhere. Edited after seller made contact: Dale from Rubber Roofing Direct did get in touch shortly after their repsonse on google (took me ages to realise that as the email was somehow caught by one of the mailbox rules I set) and upon learning all the details of my problem he honestly and practically offered a sound solution which I am happy with. He promptly placed the order for the products he suggested and they not only help with the existing problem but also open up new potentials for the roof. Things can go wrong sometimes, how one handles problems tells a lot. I believe Dale and his company will last a long long time as they are professional, trustworthy and reliable. Now I am pretty certain for my shed roof, I will buy from Rubber Roofing Direct again! Highly recommend Rubber Roofing Direct.
Trace Carvall
Trace Carvall
An enquiry was made by myself yesterday late morning which was dealt with patiently and politely and a quote was emailed within minutes. A further call to discuss our particular needs was met with helpful suggestions and a revised quote soon followed. Materials were ordered before 2pm and we received them by 9am today. Outstanding team for help and efficiency.
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