EPDM Roofing Calculator


After you’ve installed an EPDM flat roof onto your extension, roof, or garage, you can install slabs or tiles on top of it. There are a couple of factors for homeowners to consider, but a single sheet of rubber membrane can serve as a durable, long-lasting foundation.

Our paving support system is designed to be placed directly onto the membrane without the use of adhesives. When the base is fitted, it can anchor slabs onto it. Before going ahead with plans to tile over your EPDM flat roof, we recommend getting in touch with us.

To make sure the roof is correctly able to filter rainwater to drains, we have a range of drain kits designed for an EPDM roof which you can browse here:

Your EPDM flat roof can be protected with DPM membrane which will then always be able to withstand cement screed if you’re planning on installing ceramic tiles for your roof. Further tiles and slabs can then be bonded onto the cement screed, giving you the appearance you want for your roof.


We also offer EPDM walkway pads that are designed to protect the rubber membrane from constant foot traffic. These surfaces have pre-applied seam tape that enables you to bond it correctly to the EPDM membrane.

These are ideal for access to roof hatches, rooftop ladders or to access doors.

Our training courses are designed to further train professional roofers in installing EPDM flat roofs and understanding various accessories. We also have training videos that give you a brief overview and insight into how to successful install a EPDM flat roof system onto a surface.

You can book your place with us today and learn more about the fastest growing material used for roofing in the UK.

For more information on our training courses or further questions about tiling over an EPDM roof, give us a call on 01306776626 or contact us here.