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You don’t need to coat a rubber roof. The EPDM membrane is a waterproofing sheet and is the final and top layer.

An EPDM rubber roof sheet is incredibly durable and boasts a number of properties that keeps it protected from weather conditions. However, depending on your particular roofing project, you can seek to coat your rubber roof for an extra layer of reinforcement.

If you’re planning on creating a green roof, you may need to use a geotextile fleece to further protect the membrane from stones and the roots. What types of rubber roofs are there?

Installing a rubber roof system is one of the best materials to use when it comes to a flat roof. Unlike traditional materials such as felt, a rubber roof has a number of advantages which is why it remains one of the most popular flat roof options in the UK. Our FAQ section covers more questions when it comes to EPDM rubber roofing. Contact us today on 01306 776626 for more information or contact us here.

What happens if i don’t coat my rubber roof?

Your rubber roof will continue to protect the structure it is placed on. The EPDM rubber is incredibly durable which is why it isn’t necessary to coat a rubber roof.

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An EPDM rubber roof doesn’t need coating thanks to its durable properties. The rubber membrane is designed to protect your roof. It can withstand a range of weather conditions and temperatures too.

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It requires far less energy to manufacture an EPDM rubber roofing sheet. Furthermore, all rubber membranes are 100% recyclable too