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Don’t use inferior and outdated shed felt. Choose rubber roofing for a waterproof, cost-effective, and long-lasting shed roof covering. EPDM is a synthetic rubber roofing membrane that outperforms shed roofing felt in all aspects.

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Upgrade your shed with rubber roofing: easily applied for a perfectly smooth, bubble-free appearance, it is perfect for garden sheds; see why.

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Our Rubber Roof Kits are designed to fit standard garden shed roof sizes. Whilst we have allowed enough excess membrane to the width and length, please check the sizes against your own shed as roof sizes differ between shed manufacturers.

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Protect your garden shed and its contents for a lifetime from damp or water damage.

EPDM rubber roofing is the best material for shed roofs as it is weather proof, won’t crack or split and has been proven to be effective for at least 50 years.

EPDM is a superior roofing material:

  • 100% waterproof and leak proof
  • Weather resistant – won’t crack or perish in extreme conditions
  • Strong, durable and tough enough to walk on

It’s resistant to the degrading effects of ozone and UV light, it won’t crack, tear or split and is the ideal choice for any flat or low sloping roof.

Our shed roofing kits make the job easy for novice DIY-ers.

All of our Shed Kits come with everything you need to complete your shed roof repairs. As well as the EPDM roof material, we include enough water based deck adhesive to bond the EPDM membrane to the shed roof timber. We also include gloves and an application roller!

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EPDM stands for ethylene propylene diene monomer. The structure of this synthetic rubber has a single bond, chemically saturated backbone, and as a result, it is amazingly resistant to various outdoor conditions. It is mostly because of the fact that its molecular structure cannot be damaged by UV rays and ozone like it happens in the case of a product with double bonds. As it is very durable, it is now commonly used to cover roofs in all sorts of houses, commercial facilities, or garden buildings, including shed roofing. More.


Today, customers have a wide range of products to choose from, and they do not have to make compromises. You do not have to get old-fashioned roofing felt; instead, you can find more modern and effective material at an affordable price. When deciding on a rubber roof, you know you are dealing with a high-quality product that can provide you with many great advantages, such as those mentioned below!


Rubber is an amazingly elastic roofing shed material with more than 300% elongation, and it can flex to adjust to any differential movement between the structure’s elements. Also, you do not have to order any complex expansion joints. Apart from that, with such flexibility, it is excellent for modular construction units because it keeps them watertight when they are transported in spite of temperature changes and movement. It is worth knowing that this roofing shed product is naturally and permanently elastic, without any plasticisers or chemical additives.


If you care about the environment and want your shed roofing to be eco-friendly, you should definitely use a rubber roof kit. EPDM was developed as a more ecological alternative for petroleum-based flat roofing materials, and it can be completely recycled. What is more, if you work in your shed a lot and need heating there, it can reduce energy costs because of its UV-reflecting properties. It is a fantastic product for everyone who likes to go green!


A synthetic rubber roofing kit is a product that will be a long-term investment. Namely, you can have such a membrane on your garden shed roof for 20 years or even 50, if you install it correctly.


A rubber roof membrane can make your shed or other garden building more fire-resistant. This is due to the addition of the AFR layer in this type of flat roofing shed product.


When you order an EPDM roofing kit, you will receive large rubber roof sheets or rolls, and the seems will be suitable for full adherence. For this reason, there will be no edges for the wind to get under and raise the membrane. Note that such shed roofing products like roof tiles, metal sheets, or asphalt shingles come in much smaller pieces, and they are more prone to a strong wind blowing.


It is also very significant that such a shed roof is waterproof. After proper installation, it will protect your garden building from water ingress even if there are heavy downpours or long stretches of rainy weather. Even if you notice any puddles on your shed roofing, you do not need to worry – the membrane will not be harmed because of the standing water.


The material is very lightweight; it is ideal for simple garden roofs. Since it does not increase the roofing weight much, you do not have to add any special reinforcements.


Rubber roof sheets are easy to install as you get them in large rolls. You do not have to put every piece separately, as in the case of, for instance, asphalt shingles, but you can just conveniently roll out the sheets across the surface of your shed roof after the delivery. If you have some basic DIY skills, you can use your roof kit without any professional help!


Contrary to, for instance, roof felt covering, EPDM membranes can be used even in extremely cold or hot temperatures without cracking or shattering.


A rubber shed roof does not create suitable conditions for algae and moss growth, so you will not have to waste your precious time removing them. Such a low-maintenance shed roofing solution is certainly beneficial for you!


While looking for shed roof ideas, you may find more traditional products, such as roofing felt. However, you should be aware that this product has some serious disadvantages. More on that below!

  • Short Lifetime
    Compared to more modern roofing materials, shed felt has quite a short life expectancy. Namely, it lasts for around 10 years, whereas you can use a rubber membrane on your garden building flat roof for at least twice as long.
  • Weak Weather Resistance
    Keep in mind that shed roofing felt can be quite easily damaged by the weather conditions. When it gets hot, your shed felt will become soft and warp out of shape. On the other hand, when it is very cold, it gets fragile, and with prolonged sunshine, felt shed finish is likely to fade and deteriorate.
  • Harder Installation
    The installation of shed felt roofing is more complicated than in the case of our membranes, and you may need professional help with this product.
  • Irregular Repair Results
    You can repair the shed felt, but the results will appear irregular. For this reason, where it starts to become more and more damaged, it is better to spend more money and have your whole shed roof redone instead of adding patches meant to keep the roof felt waterproof.


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It is crucial to get a high-standard shed roof covering to avoid frequent repairs and protect all your belongings inside thoroughly. With our roofing kit, you can have a DIY installation, which could be hard if you selected roof tiles, shed roofing felt, or asphalt shingles. Our product will make any sort of a garden building more weather-resistant, better-looking, durable, and environment-friendly. With our price, such a solution for shed roofs is also customer-friendly! Plus, we provide you with the best secure payment options and fast delivery.

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