MS Polymer Sealant

MS Polymer Sealant

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Lap Edge Sealant is to be used to seal splice edges of cured EPDM and uncured EPDM Elastoform Flashing.

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The FlexiProof™ Lap Edge Sealant is used in conjunction with roofing materials such as rubber roofing and has been designed to seal the exposed EPDM edges.

Lap Sealants are extremely durable and highly flexible so the cured rubber consistency enables them to expand and contract with the membrane.

Advantages of FlexiProof™ Lap Edge Sealant:

  • Durable barrier to weather extremes
  • Various application methods: trowel, caulk / sealant gun
  • Contracts with the EPDM membrane

Coverage: 6 linear metres per tube.

Seal your exposed membrane edges with FlexiProof™ Lap Sealant from a leading supplier of rubber roofing products.


The FlexiProof™ Lap Edge Sealant covers 6 linear metres of the membrane and is primarily used to seal edges of EPDM splices.

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