Top Drain 110MM

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Top Drain 110MM

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EPDM Top Drain for high capacity and commercial flat roofs

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The EPDM Top Drain with Grate provides a secure and reliable means of connecting to a 110mm outlet drain (with a total height of 250mm). In fact, it is, by far, one of the best methods currently available on the market! Sporting dimensions that conform to UNI EN 1451-1, these Top Drains are designed to fit both bell and spigot jointed pipes without the need for adhesive.

These products feature a circular flange that measures 333mm and comes with convenient fastening holes. This makes the EPDM Top Drain with Grate ideally suited for use in low sloping roofs, roof gardens, inverted roofs, box gutters and pretty much any situation involving EPDM rubber roofing.

Seal rings are included with these Top Drains. These rings allow for the EPDM Top Drain with Grate to be fixed and fastened to the waterproofing material. The process is fast, simple and ensures a watertight finish. Other features of these Top Drains include a 165mm countersunk top and stem, protective cover with a central pin as a cutting guide and a threaded ring with 3 locating holes for fixing to the roof deck.

See below for instructions on how to install the EPDM Top Drain with Grate onto your EPDM rubber roofing system:


Start by installing the outlet onto the roof deck. This should be done before the membrane is laid or the adhesive is applied.

Countersink the flange into the decking to achieve the best results possible.

Next, the leaf/ gravel gate and clamping ring should be removed. Install a yellow protective plate in their place.

The membrane is then laid across the top of the outlet – expose the centre on the protective plate by cutting through the membrane.

Using the cutting guide, (fit over the nib) cut a circle out of the membrane. This should be done using the cutting guide and a sharp knife to avoid cutting in the wrong place or leaving behind rough or torn edges.

Remove any surplus membrane as well as the protective plate.

Between the outlet and underside of the membrane, install a bead of Water Cut-off Mastic.

Re-fit the clamping ring and leaf/ gravel gate ensuring that everything is fixed securely.

During the installation, you should take several precautions to avoid any unintended effects from occurring. Firstly, the drain should be mechanically fixed to the deck, and the outlet should be securely connected to any internal pipework. Next, the Water Cut-off Mastic must be applied to the underside of the membrane before the clamping ring is re-fitted.

Finally, you must ensure that no debris is present in the drain before reattaching the leaf/ gravel grate. Failure to do so will impact the drain’s performance and could lead to it overflowing. And with that, your new EPDM Top Drain with Grate is installed.

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