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Roof Types for an EPDM Flat Roof

Types of Roof for Rubber Roofing

At Rubber Roofing Direct, we’re leading suppliers when it comes to EPDM roofing and rubber roof membranes. We understand the importance of having a roof you can rely on. That’s why we believe that an EPDM flat roof is ideal for your home or property, no matter what type of roof you have.

We’ve helped supply and install an EPDM flat roof on a range of different types of roof, including a garage roof, a porch roof and we also install a roof garden. Order EPDM today.

  • Long-Lasting. A maintained, correctly installed flat rubber roof has a typical life expectancy of 50 years. This makes an EPDM roof far cheaper to purchase and maintain across its lifetime.
  • Environmentally Friendly. Unlike other roof materials, an EPDM flat roof requires far less energy to manufacture and it’s 100% recyclable too.  
  • Incredibly Durable. With a life expectancy of up to 50 years, a flat rubber roof is designed to remain extremely durable in all weather conditions. Even if the rubber membrane is compromised, it’s extremely cost-effective to repair.

Rubber Roofing Direct has a team of professional and experienced flat roofs that can answer any questions you may have about installing a flat roof. With a fast, next day delivery on orders placed before 2pm, you can have a brand new EPDM flat roof installed as soon as possible.

If you have any questions or require more information about our EPDM flat roofs, contact a member of our team on 01306776626 or get in touch here. Browse below the various roof types that a flat rubber roof is ideal for.

What Roofs can a EPDM Flat Roof be Installed on?

Garage Roof | Flexi Proof

At Rubber Roofing Direct, we’ve helped install an EPDM rubber membrane on a number of garage roofs across the UK. We specialise in EPDM rubber which boasts better durability properties than traditional felt or asphalt. An EPDM felt roof is the perfect solution for your garage roof and will keep it protected for the years to come. Find out more.

Porch Flat Roof  | Duoply

An EPDM rubber roof membrane offers a range of better qualities when it comes to other materials for your porch flat roof. By opting for a rubber roof, you won’t have to worry about constantly maintaining it and with a life expectancy of 50 years; you can be assured that your porch flat roof is there to last. Find out more.

Shed Roof | Shed Rubber

Rubber Roofing Direct can custom cut an EPDM rubber membrane for your shed roof. An EPDM rubber roof is perfect shed roof replacement. It won’t be prone to rot or mould, and with it being weather resistant and waterproof, an EPDM rubber roof is a perfect replacement. With a life expectancy of up to 50 years, a flat rubber roof is perfect for your shed. Read more

Outbuilding Roof | Shed Rubber

Looking for the best roofing material when it comes to outbuildings? An EPDM rubber roof is an incredibly lightweight material compared to traditional options such as felt shingles. It’s a cost-effective material for outbuildings. Find out more on why an EPDM rubber membrane is an fantastic solution for your outbuilding.

Parapet Flat Roof | Duoply

A parapet roof is typically an extension of the wall on the edge of a roof. Because a parapet flat roof is more prone to storing water on it, a rubber membrane is an ideal solution. An EPDM rubber membrane has incredible water-proofing qualities that won’t leave your roof compromised. Read more.

Cold Deck Flat Roof | Flexi Proof

An EPDM cold deck is typically the most common but usually the least thermally efficient design of roof installation. It’s important for a cold deck design to have good airflow, this enables warm moist air to escape and prevent rooting to the deck. An EPDM rubber membrane is perfect to protect the integrity of the structure. Find out more.

Orangery Roof | Duoply

An orangery roof is generally partially glazed whilst the roof has hipped ends. At Rubber Roofing Direct, we can tailor an EPDM rubber membrane to the ideal size and shape for your orangery. Order EPDM today and we’ll be able to install a rubber roof system for your orangery roof. Find out more.

Crown Roof | Flexi Proof

If you’re looking to choose a durable, long-lasting roofing material for your crown roof, then an EPDM roofing system is ideal for your property. By ordering EPDM today, you can be assured that your crown roof is protected from harsh weather conditions and will remain in place for up to 50 years, saving you money over the next decades. Discover EPDM for a crown roof.

Bay Window Roof | Flexi Proof

If you’re looking for a low-cost, long-lasting and practical solution for your bay window roof, then an EPDM flat roof is the best solution. For bay window roof replacement, EPDM is extremely popular since it has better durability qualities and cheaper to maintain compared to traditional materials such as lead or felt for bay roofs. Read more here.

Balcony Flooring | Duoply

When it comes to balcony flooring and walkway applications, you want a material that is resistant to weather conditions, slip resistant, protects the structure of the balcony and requires little maintenance. By installing an EPDM rubber membrane for your balcony flooring, you can be assured it won’t crack, split or rot. Find out more here.

Commercial Flat Roof | Flexi Proof

Rubber Roofing Direct has an in-depth knowledge of commercial flat roof repairs and flat roofing services. Whether it’s for a school, shop roof or for a restaurant, we can help. Find out more about our commercial flat roof materials.

Green Roof | Flexi Proof

An EPDM rubber membrane is an ideal solution for creating a green roof that’s perfect for an eco-roof. The rubber membrane boasts incredible waterproofing properties and is incredibly resilient too. Before beginning any green eco-roof project, make sure you choose the best material to use as a foundation. Read more.

Roof Garden | Flexi Proof

An EPDM rubber waterproof membrane is a perfect material that can be overlaid for a roof garden. Roof garden flat roofs are becoming increasingly popular across the UK, and because an EPDM membrane can be overlaid with almost any surface, it’s a fantastic option. You can place concrete slabs, composite slabs and decking over the EPDM membranes. Begin your roof garden today.