Large Pipe Seal (25-152mm)

pressure sensitive pipe seal epdm rubber roofing - Large

Large Pipe Seal (25-152mm)

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25-152mm (1-6”)
Weight 0.50 kg per boot



EPDM Pipe Seal Large

EPDM pipe seals are made of cured EPDM with a Pressure Sensitive tape applied to the bottom of the pipe flange. It’s ideal for quick and easy flashing of pipes 12mm up to 176mm in diameter. It comes complete with a stainless steel clamp to secure the pipe seal collar to the pipe.

This product must be used in conjunction with EPDM Primer.

Large Pipe Seal for EPDM Rubber Roofing

25-152mm (1-6”)

Weight 0.50 kg per boot

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Pipe Seal & Jubilee Clamp, Pipe Seal Kit & Primer

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