EPDM Roofing Calculator


The prepared roof surface must be clean, dry, free from dust, and contaminants (bitumen, oil etc). Do not attempt to install EPDM on a damp or wet surface as the trapped water may vaporize causing damage to the roof sub-structure.

When applying banding adhesive to the roof deck in temperatures below 5 degrees Celsius, condensation can form on the top layer. If this happens, do not continue with the installation. Wait until weather conditions improve before attempting the installation again. When the weather conditions are improved apply a thin coat of adhesive over the old adhesive and continue the installation as normal.

Contact adhesive and primer release gas when they are drying if they are not given enough time to dry before the membrane or tapes are applied then blisters may form. The blisters may subside over time and do not usually adversely affect the installation.

Do not stretch the membrane or cured cover strips during installation. The only product designed to be stretched and moulded into shaped is the uncured flashing tape.

Once the membrane is installed, it can be gently walked on but be careful not to puncture the EPDM, if in doubt lay some timber boards to walk on (especially if using a ladder on the roof to access other areas) If regular or heavy foot trac is likely a protective layer must be installed (usually walkway pads, slabs or decking)

The EPDM surface can become slippery when wet or covered in frost.

Always remove the required mortal lines for the installation of either wall trim or lead flashing before installing the EPDM membrane. This helps to prevent damage the EPDM membrane and excessive build up of dust.

The FlexiProof Fleece backed EPDM membrane can be fully bonded on to a variety of surfaces including OSB, concrete, fiberglass, smooth metal and most forms of masonry , Flexiproof fleecebacked can also be used for overlaying existing Bitumen based systems.

Always ensure the specified roof deck material is OSB3 to achieve the BRoof T4 fire rating.

When installing the membrane make sure the area is of a manageable size, in warm weather if the area is too large then the adhesive could cure before you have had time to fit the membrane.