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Cost Effective Flat Roofing

Felt roofing has been a popular option for many years, and it has been the material of choice for many flat roofing projects for several reasons. Although it is durable, water-resistant and affordable, it can also cause numerous problems. Felt roofs are not the safest roof covering that you can work with; from highly flammable materials through to working with hot tars as well as the harmful fumes generated during installation, they cause lots of problems for the installer; what’s more, felt roofs require regular replacement, repair and maintenance.

On the other hand, EPDM is easy to install and affordable if you are carrying out a roofing refurbishment on a budget.

Constructed from synthetic rubber, EPDM was introduced in the 1970s and is far superior to the traditional felt roof. EPDM is extremely affordable, particularly over the long term, and they are relatively easy to install for a competent DIYer. Rubber Roofing Direct is a specialist supplier of rubber roofing membranes along with other materials and tools that you need to complete any flat roof project. The EPDM membranes are supplied in sheets which are fixed to the roof deck with a cold liquid adhesive.

Once the old felt has been removed from the roof deck and it has been cleaned, the rubber roofing is installed by simply applying the adhesive to the roof and placing the EPDM membrane over the surface, ideally in one sheet, when needed overlapping each sheet by approximately three inches and using EPDM Seam tape to join the EPDM membrane. After the main membrane has been installed, you can then start on any detailing work around vents, flues, walls or windows in the flat roof space. The final stage is to install trims around roof edges and gutters to seal and weatherproof the membrane.

Although the initial cost of purchasing a rubber roof is more expensive, the long-term advantages will far outweigh the initial cost, making it a great roofing solution on a budget.

Not only this, if you do decide to replace your EPDM system, it can be recycled, so you are contributing to the environment too!