EPDM Roofing Calculator


EPDM rubber is a waterproof material that makes it an ideal choice for flat roofs.

As the synthetic rubber is compromised of ethylene, propylene and diene, the membrane boasts waterproofing properties that make sure that your roof is protected during rainy and wet periods.

Furthermore, an EPDM rubber roof provides smooth surfaces and soft edges which is ideal for making sure rainwater is passed down to nearby gutters.

Water damage can easily be caused to traditional flat roof materials as ponding water can seep through the integrity of the material over time.

This can gradually lead to damp and further damage caused to the roof and ceiling of your shed or home.

The unique compound of an EPDM surface makes sure that it doesn’t get comprised by water.

With its incredibly durable and waterproofing qualities, an EPDM rubber roof can last up to 50 years. How long should a rubber roof last?


Waterproofing your roof is a swift, simple process when using EPDM rubber. As it’s a one-piece system that requires few tools to achieve a successful application, it eliminates any chance of your roof being affected by water through any potential gaps.

The EPDM membrane is an ideal waterproofing flat roof solution for a number of roofing projects you might be planning on undertaking.

Whether you’re looking to create a green roof or simply looking to upgrade your current shed roof, the EPDMs waterproof properties will make sure that your roof is protected all year long.

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