Water Based Deck Adhesive

Water Based Deck Adhesive

Water Based Deck Adhesive

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This high-strength, acrylic based adhesive allowing for fast, effective bonding of Fleece Backed EPDM membranes to timber flat roofing substrates.



The FlexiProof Fleece Backed Water Based Deck Adhesive is a high strength, low odour adhesive used for bonding a Fleece Backed membrane sheet to a timber deck. Designed to be applied using a roller on flat roof surfaces.

Apply the FlexiProof™ Water-Based Deck Adhesive to the membrane and leave a gap of 100mm on all edges. The FlexiProof™ Contact Bonding Adhesive should be used on edges and on upstands.

Sizes Available:

  • 5 Litres (covers approx 15 to 20sqm)
  • 10 Litres (covers approx 35 to 40sqm)
  • 15 Litres (covers approx 50 to 60sqm)

Before applying the FlexiProof™ Water Based Deck Adhesive, all boards must be resistant to moisture and shouldn’t be sealed with adhesive repellent or any other non-absorbent substance.

Please remember: don’t allow the adhesive to freeze.

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