Contact Bonding Adhesive

Contact Bonding Adhesive

Contact Bonding Adhesive

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Used for bonding of the EPDM rubber roofing membrane at angle changes and verticals to absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces.



FLEXIPROOF™ Contact Bonding Adhesive is a high strength solvent contact bonding adhesive that is designed and manufactured to withstand the temperature extremes of many flat roofing installations.

This contact bonding adhesive should be used to secure edges of the Erubber sheet and any up stands or angle changes. FLEXIPROOF™ Contact Bonding adhesive can be suitable for a wide range of surfaces e.g brickwork, timber, metal, GRP and concrete

For commercial installations over 100 square meters, the entire roof area should be fully bonded with FLEXIPROOF™ Contact Bonding Adhesive.

The FLEXIPROOF™ Contact Bonding Adhesive is great for bonding EPDM membranes to horizontal and vertical roofs. Best applied with a solvent resistant roller; no other specialist tools required.

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Keep away from heat and flame and ensure good ventilation

1L covers approx 1 to 2 square meters
2.5L covers approx 4 to 5 square meters
5L covers approx 7 to 10 square meters

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