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Overlap the FlexiProof EPDM membrane onto the adjoining flat roof system by 50 mm.

Lift up the FlexiProof EPDM membrane to expose the adjoining roof system and apply a thick bead of water block mastic the length or the overlap.

Flap the FlexiProof membrane onto the water block mastic and fit the termination bar over the top using self sealing screws to create a compression seal.

Remove any excess membrane using a craft knife and seal off the termination bar edge using EPDM edge sealant.

Please note: Once this detail is completed depending onto he type of roofing system that has been joined onto you will need to overlay the termination bar with either bitumen felt pads or 6 inch cover tape, if unsure please contact support.

Please note! When joining to existing felt with embedded stones ensure all stones are removed back to a smooth surface prior to application of water lock mastic. In the case of jointing to other single ply roofs and EPDM ensure existing surfaces are cleaned using membrane cleaner.

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