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Form the membrane into a 45 degree (pig’s ear) shape where the membrane meets in the internal corner.

Cut the pig’s ear vertically 80 mm out from the flat roof corner

Cut a patch of 229 mm flashing tape 160 mm wide and offer over the pig’s ear and mark around with a scribe or pencil.

Fold back the pig’s ear and keeping within the lines, apply EPDM primer with a scrubbing pad.

Firstly check primer is fully tacked off. Fold the pig’s ear back and push into the corner, then using a scrubbing pad apply a coat of primer to the other side of the pig’s ear.

Carefully position the tape in the corner and fix from the bottom working up to prevent air bubbles forming behind the tape.

Once the tape is fixed in place, pressure must be applied with a seam roller to ensure correct adhesion. Please note. All FlexiProof tapes are pressure sensitive and always require rolling.

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