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Cut down the roof drain leaving a 50 mm equal flange the whole way around, drop the roof drain into the preformed hole.

Fix the roof drain down onto the roof deck using countersunk screws.

Note: if you channel out a section underneath the roof drain in the timber deck the same thickness as the plastic of the drain flange this will allow the drain to sit flush with the roof surface prior to application of the flashing tape

Apply EPDM primer using a scrubbing pad around the roof drain extending a minimum of 60 mm from the drain edge. You must also scrub primer down the neck of the drain.

The size of drain selected will determine the size of flashing tape required to seal the drain. measure the primed area and cut an appropriate sized circular patch. For Example: a 68mm drain requires a circular patch of 229 mm flashing tape minimum.

Fix the patch in place working from one side to the other to ensure no air bubbles become trapped.

Once the patch is fixed in place pressure must be applied with a seam roller to ensure correct adhesion.

All FlexiProof tapes are pressure sensitive and always require rolling.

Cut a circular hole half the diameter of the neck of the drain using a sharp craft knife

Note: hook blades work well for this purpose.

Work the flashing tape down into the neck of the drain with your fingers and firmly attach to the side of the tube.

Note: you must seal around the cut edge of the tape using lap sealant.

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