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Offer the wall drain into the pre-cut hole in your parapet wall and mark around using a white pencil or scribe

Remove the wall drain and apply a thin bead of lap edge sealant behind the drain.

Once the sealant is fully applied push the drain back into position to bed into the sealant

Fix drain into position using either countersunk screws or clout nails.

Mark 70 mm either side of the drain using a white pencil or scribe.

Measure between the outer lines using a tape measure to determine the length of the flashing tape. Using the newly determined measurements, cut 2 pieces of 225 mm flashing tape to length.

Prime the drain where the flashing tape is to be applied.

Starting from the bottom fix the base section of flashing first and work into the angle change.

Fix the top section of the tape working from top to bottom overlapping the bottom section of tape.

Once the tape is fixed in place pressure must be applied with a seam roller to ensure correct adhesion.

All FlexiProof tapes are pressure sensitive and always require rolling.

You will now need to seal around this detail using lap edge sealant.

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