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Ensure that the membrane around the external corner is clean, dry and free from dust or debris. Using a pencil, mark a small vertical line 60 mm from each edge of the cut membrane.

Measure the distance between the 2 pencil lines being careful to measure accurately around the corner.

Cut the 229 mm flashing tape to exactly this length and then shape the bottom external corners of the tape to give an aesthetically pleasing finish.

Carefully open the tin of EPDM primer and thoroughly stir.

Using a scrubbing pad apply the primer to the vertical section of the membrane and substrate 10 mm wide then the pencil lines.

Wait approximately 2- 5 minutes for the primer to be become touch dry.

Once the primer is touch dry, firmly press flashing tape against the top section of membrane.

Working from thee top down firmly press thee tape into the angel change to create an anchor point.

Starting from the anchor point firmly work the semi-circular section of the flashing tape onto the membrane taking care to ensure no air bubbles are trapped.

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