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Easy to Install EPDM Shed Rubber Roof Kits

Our EPDM shed rubber roof kits are easy to install and come in a range of sizes. EPDM shed rubber membranes are the perfect roofing solution for your shed and are designed to provide maximum protection for apex shed roofs.

Compared to traditional roofing materials such as felt, the EPDM rubber membrane is fully UV and weather resistant. This means that it won’t tear or crack and once it’s fully bonded to your shed roof, you can expect a life expectancy of up to 50 years.

An important aspect of a shed rubber membrane is its physical properties. Unlike other roofing materials, the rubber membrane is incredibly lightweight and with our EPDM shed rubber roof kits, they come in one-piece sheets.

The benefits of an EPDM Shed Rubber Roof Kit includes:

  • A 50-year life expectancy
  • Resistant to tears, splits and cracks
  • Fast, rapid, easy installation time
  • Clean & easy to install with no specialist tools required
  • Comes in one-piece rubber membrane sheets
  • Little to no maintenance required
  • Sleek finish

Our shed rubber roof kit comes with excess rubber membrane material so you can safely cover and overlap the edge of your shed roof.

We also offer EPDM edge trims that are designed to provide added protection and support for normal or apex shed roofs too.

If you have any information about the benefits of EPDM rubber membranes or more questions about rubber flat roofs, check out our FAQ section. Rubber Roofing Direct is always here to help with your roofing needs, so get in contact with our team by clicking here.


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