1.14mm Shed Rubber EPDM Membrane

1.14mm Shed Rubber EPDM Membrane

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Upgrade your roof today with Shed Rubber 1.14mm EPDM Membrane. Increase your shed roofs longevity, durability and protection.



Shed Rubber EPDM Membrane

Our Shed Rubber EPDM Membranes are designed especially for your shed roofs.

Because these membranes are only 1.14mm in thickness, our rubber EPDM membranes are incredibly lightweight and won’t be a strain on your sheds’ structure.

Unlike felt roofing membrane, Shed Rubber EPDM Membrane is designed to protect your shed from harsh weather conditions and last for decades. Rubber EPDM membranes have been trialled and tested to be effective for 50 years or more, an ideal and cost-effective solution for your shed roof. Shed Rubber is made from fused panels of 1.2m wide EPDM membrane that is extruded and fused together during the manufacturing process

There is no need for specialist tools or heat application.

With the use of water-based or contact-bonding adhesives designed specifically for this membrane, installation is quick and doable yourself. We offer a wide range of sizes needed for your own specifications.

We also offer a wide range of tools that will help you get the best results.

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Our Installation Guide For the best results, ensure the roof surface is cleared of any debris or dirt. Unfold the EPDM membrane across the shed roof, ensuring that it is placed on it equally. If parts overhang, you can use a pair of EPDM scissors to remove any excess. Roll one side of EPDM membrane half-way. Apply the adhesive to the roof deck. Do not put an excess amount in one area. Ensure the roof deck has complete coverage of the adhesive. Place the EPDM membrane back and press down firmly. You can use a roller to remove any air bubbles or creases. Repeat this for the other side of the shed roof. Depending on weather conditions, the adhesive should take around 1-8 hours to cure. To ensure the adhesive doesn?t dry out prematurely, we recommend applying the adhesive in stages and gradually rolling the membrane back down towards the edge of the roof.


How do Shed Rubber EPDM Membranes compare to a traditional felt roof material? EPDM is a synthetic rubber roofing membrane that outperforms felt in all aspects. Unlike felt, EPDM membranes don?t deteriorate after a few years. They are weather resistant and incredibly durable. Felt roofing membrane generally needs to be replaced every 5 years and has to be well-maintained. Shed Rubber EPDM Membrane can last in excess of 50 years, ensuring your shed roof remains protected for decades to come. What is Shed Rubber EPDM Membranes resistant too? Shed Rubber EPDM Membranes is highly resistant to a lot of factors. This is becoming a popular material in the UK because of its resistant properties. EPDM membranes are resistant too: UV, infrared lights, weather damage and environmental chemicals. EPDM membranes are very resistant to extreme cold or hot temperatures too. Is it waterproof? Shed Rubber EPDM Membrane is waterproof. Unlike traditional felt material, EPDM membrane won?t deteriorate or have its properties weaken because of rain. EPDM membranes won?t compromise the integrity of your shed roof, ensuring that it remains protected whatever the weather. Click here for other FAQs.


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