Contact Bonding Adhesive – Shed Rubber


Contact Bonding Adhesive – Shed Rubber

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Shed Rubber Contact Bonding Adhesive is designed to bond the EPDM membrane onto various shed roof substrates such as wood and masonry.



Shed Rubber Contact Bonding Adhesive

Shed Rubber Contact Bonding Adhesive is a high-strength solvent that is used to secure the EPDM membrane around the perimeter of the roof deck.

This long-lasting adhesive is designed to keep the EPDM membrane down on various angles.

This contact bonding adhesive is specifically manufactured to work against a suitable range of surfaces. It is designed to withstand extreme temperature conditions, ensuring that your Shed Rubber EPDM Membrane will remain undeterred for the future.

Be sure to check out our Shed Rubber Water-Based Deck Adhesive which is used on the main area of the substrate.

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INSTALLATION GUIDE For the best results, ensure the roof surface is cleared of any debris or dirt. Make sure the contact bonding adhesive is mixed thoroughly before use. Unfold the EPDM membrane across the shed roof, ensuring that it is placed on it equally. If parts overhang, you can use a pair of EPDM scissors to remove any excess. Roll one side of EPDM membrane half-way. Apply the contact bonding adhesive along the parameter of the roof deck surface. Do not put an excess amount in one area. Ensure the roof deck has complete coverage of the water-based deck adhesive. Place the EPDM membrane back and press down firmly. You can use a roller to remove any air bubbles or creases. Repeat this for the other side of the shed roof. Depending on weather conditions, the adhesive should take around one hour to cure. To ensure the adhesive doesn’t dry out prematurely, we recommend applying the adhesive in stages and gradually rolling the membrane back down towards the edge of the roof.


Although you won’t need any special tools, we recommend our professional installation kit that has everything you’ll need in getting the desired results. Alternatively, we offer a wide range of tools that you can pick out on based on your individual needs.


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