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For rubber gutter relining and repair use a DuoPly EPDM rubber gutter lining


 EPDM rubber is the perfect material for you gutter lining. Whether you need to make repairs to guttering made from metal, concrete or lead, an EPDM rubber gutter lining is the perfect solution and is suitable for use on internal and external gutters on both residential properties and business premises.

EPDM is a synthetic rubber membrane that is flexible and can be fitted to any profile, even a 90-degree angle. DuoPly is perfect as a rubber gutter lining as small strips can easily be cut off of the roll and joined together using the revolutionary pre-applied seam tape. And EPDM has been proven to last for over 50 years without any signs of degrading, so you’ll only be installing once.

At Rubber Roofing Direct, we recommend using DuoPly EPDM for your rubber gutter lining.

For fast repairs to gutters, it makes sense to choose an EPDM rubber gutter lining.


For rubber gutter relining and repair use a DuoPly EPDM rubber gutter lining