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Rooflights for Flat Roofs

Rooflights and Lanterns Available at Rubber Roofing Direct

We offer a range of modern rooflights and lanterns that are ideal for your flat roof. Our roof lights are designed to the highest specifications and we take great care in offering competitive prices for these fantastic daylight solutions.

Rooflights and lanterns for flat roofs is the perfect solution for bringing light into your home. Installing a rooflight can be an integral part of the interior design and since they provide natural light, it’s perfect for homeowners looking to brighten up the interior of their property. Check out the Skypod uPVC Lantern Rooflight.

We believe in rooflights and lanterns that are secure, seamlessly designed and are energy efficient. That is why our rooflights for flat roofs are designed with thick glass, keeping heat inside your home during the winter periods, and to protect your home from any unwanted guests.

Rubber Roofing Direct offers an extensive range of rooflights and lanterns. They’re increasingly popular for UK homeowners who are looking for ways to enhance their flat roofs. These benefits include:

  • Natural Ventilation.

A rooflight can create natural ventilation for your home. It can keep fresh air circulating around your property, which can also reduce condensation and damp within your home.

  • Sophisticated Design.

We have a range of rooflights and lanterns that are carefully designed to blend in with your property. With a minimal framework in some of our rooflights, you’ll be amazed at nature you’ll be bringing into your home.

  • Control Room Temperatures.

Rooflights give more control to homeowners when it comes to the interior room temperature. Because heat rises, a rooflight allows the warm air to escape, allowing cooler air to take its place. It’s a fantastic solution for warmer properties in the summer.

At Rubber Roofing Direct, we’re here to maximise the potential of your flat roof, and our rooflights and lanterns allow us to do so. If you have any questions about our products, give us a call on 01306776626 or get in touch by clicking here.


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