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Roof garden construction, repair and replacement with a ClassicBond EPDM rubber roofing membrane

Roof garden construction, repair and replacement with a Classicbond EPDM rubber roofing membrane


Planning a roof garden? Choose an EPDM rubber roofing membrane to ensure the flat roof is waterproof.

A roof garden is the perfect way to create a new and interesting space and adds character to any property. Using a roof space as an outside room breathes new life into an under-utilised flat roof area.

But getting the basics right is the most important consideration, and this starts with ensuring the flat roof is waterproof. ClassicBond EPDM is a synthetic rubber roofing membrane that is highly resistant to puncturing, doesn’t tear, crack or rot, and will last for upwards of 50 years. Install a ClassicBond EPDM rubber roof membrane before overlaying with decking or composite slabs, and you can be confident that there will be no water leaking into the room below your roof garden.

ClassicBond EPDM comes in large format sheets so you can usually cover your entire roof with 1 piece of rubber, keeping joins to a minimum. Use our EPDM Calculator to work out the most cost-effective amount to order. Installation is quick and easy, and we can supply you with everything you need to carry out the work.

At Rubber Roofing Direct we recommend using a ClassicBond EPDM rubber flat roof membrane for your roof garden.

With ClassicBond EPDM as the underlying roofing membrane, you’ll be able to enjoy your roof garden for many, many years.