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RESITRIX® FG35 Primer to be used with RESITRIX® Self Adhesive Membranes
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The surface primer FG 35 is used in combination with the three self-adhesive RESITRIX®waterproofing membranes on a wide range of substrates. FG 35 is a quick-drying, ready-to-use, solvented primer consisting of synthetic rubber and resins.

Internal test runs have shown that FG 35 has better adhesion on bituminous substrates compared to other commercially available primers by a factor of 8-10. This also applies to the bonding in the vertical level, such as Attica, dome light, chimney etc.

The drying time of just 35 minutes in the processing of FG 35 is still unbeaten. Here, the test results show drying times of other primers of almost 5 hours. However, the results show that they were never as dry as the surface primer FG 35.

FG 35 is available in three different package sizes for manual and machine application. The set of applying surface primer FG 35 with a sprayer consists of a 14.4 kg pressure vessel, a connecting hose and a stainless steel gun, including extension.

The benefits of an automatic processing of FG 35 with a sprayer are clearly in a very quick, easy and uniform application. The substrate is completely wetted, while at the same time, consumption is reduced significantly. Thus, the FG 35 sprayer set is extremely productive.

Size: 1.0 Litres (Coverage 2 to 4 sqm) 
Size: 2.5 Litres (Coverage 7 to 10 sqm) 
Size: 5.0 Litres (Coverage 15 to 20 sqm)

Application Tip:  Allow to dry for a minimum of 30 minutes subject to weather conditions. The primer must be touch dry prior to applying membrane.