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Rubber Roofing Direct are the
sole authorised importer
of Polygomma EPDM membrane for the UK and Ireland

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Why choose Polygomma EPDM
for your flat roofing project?

Polygomma EPDM is a quick, clean, safe and easy to install single-ply rubber roofing membrane. It has a life expectancy in excess of 50 years, even when exposed to the most extremes of temperatures. It’s resistant to the degrading effects of ozone and UV light, it won’t crack, tear or split and is the ideal choice for any flat or low sloping roof.

  • Quick to installAn extruded EPDM membrane comprising of 1.2mm wide sections hot pressed together using thermoplastic interlayers to form a tough factory fused sheet.
  • Clean to installThe adhesives are accurately roller or brush applied causing minimum overspill and wastage.
  • Safe to installThe Polygomma system is cold applied using adhesives - naked flames are not required therefore removing the risk of fire.
  • Easy to installWith only a small number of component parts to the system, both competent DIYers and roofing contractors find it easy to install PolyRubber.

The Manufacturing Process

Polygomma is a highly experienced quality manufacturer and the group has been producing EPDM rubber products since the 1960s.

Their modern production line uses state of the art technology to produce some of the highest quality EPDM products available on the market.

The Polygomma membrane is manufactured by extruding the EPDM (pushing it through a die) wheras most other rubber roofing membranes currently on the UK market are manufactured by calendaring 2 sheets of EPDM together.

Extruding the EPDM naturally compresses it leading to a denser, firmer membrane which performs better in elongation and puncture tests.

The Polygomma EPDM membrane is cured using an “online vulcanizing mechanism” which ensures every inch of the membrane is evenly cured, this method of curing is non polluting and better for the environment.

The PolyRubber membrane is CE Marked to EN13956 and produced under the exacting ISO9001 manufacturing standard

Benefits of using Polygomma

  • Extremely versatile – Polygomma EPDM is keeping flat roofs watertight from the glaring summer heat of the Middle East to the cold winters of Northern Europe.
  • Extremely tough with a high puncture resistance – strong enough to walk on
  • UV and ozone resistant - it won’t crack, tear or split
  • Ideal for green roofs – it doesn’t perish
  • Environmentally friendly manufacturing process and fully recyclable
  • A high quality product, PolyRubber EPDM membrane conforms to all required UK standards
  • Amazing 450% elongation, which allows for all typical building movement
  • Currently available in 1.14mm standard thickness
  • Polygomma is our most competitively priced membrane! We source directly from the manufacturer, we cut the membrane and send it directly to your door!

Are you a Merchant?
Do you want to stock Polygomma?

For large order requirements for bulk resellers we offer full container loads of membrane and accessories direct from the port to your depot!

All of the master rolls are 30m long and are available in the following widths: 1m, 1.5m, 2m, 2.5m, 3m, 3.5m, 4m, 4.5m, 5m, 5.5m and 6m. The large range of roll widths minimises wastage.

Polyrubber EPDM rubber roof Polyrubber EPDM rubber roof Polyrubber EPDM rubber roof Polyrubber EPDM rubber roof
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