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Polygomma EPDM Membrane: Single Ply Roofing

"The Polygomma membrane is brilliant. It was effortless to apply and looks amazing." Jake S.

The Polygomma rubber roofing membrane is one of the most reliable choices for flat roof repairs on residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

The Polygomma roofing membranes are manufactured using high grade, synthetic rubber; a superior roofing system for all flat and low pitched roofs.

Why choose Polygomma EPDM membrane?

  • Offers full protection from leakages
  • Complete flame free installations
  • 20 year contractor warranty
  • Temperature resistant: -40°C to +160°C

The flame and heat free installations mean it is safe and easy to install. No gas needed.

The Polygomma's resistance to UV, Ozone and extreme weather conditions means it is highly durable and long lasting. Apply the Geotextile Underlay Fleece for extra strength when installing a ballasted layer.

100s of trade and DIYers choose Polygomma EPDM for their flat roofs.

All Polygomma membranes bear the CE mark. They are manufactured to meet the requirements of EN 13956 and ASTM D-6134.