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Led-A-Flex EPDM Lead Alternative
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led-a-flex - the EPDM Lead Alternative for Roofing
Excl. VAT: £24.57 Incl. VAT: £29.48


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led-a-flex lead substitute looks like lead and works like lead.

led-a-flex is a lead substitute manufactured with a base of EPDM and aluminium expanded metal. The exceptionally flexible and malleable properties of the metal, together with the excellent UV and ozone resistance of EPDM, combine to provide a totally unique product with a life expectancy in excess of 40 years.

led-a-flex is designed to provide a flexible and durable replacement for lead in most modern roofing applications.

The product has many advantages over traditional lead flashings, for those working in the roofing industry, including the simple and quick installation process and the non-toxic lightweight material.

led-a-flex is far quicker to install, at a fraction of the cost, developed as a substitute for lead maintaining both the flexible and deformable characteristics of traditional lead, while ensuring a lightweight material with the durability of EPDM, making led-a-flex ideal for complex detailing.

• Cap Flashing to Roof Abutments
• Soaker flashings to chimneysDormer installations
• Box valleys (no joins can be installed in one length)
• Valleys (can be installed in single pieces)
• Chimneys
• Aprons
• Soakers and Cap flashings
• Wall abutments
• 3 Dormer cheeks
• Dormer walls
• Roof Lights
• Interfaces with slate roofs
• Under windows
• Parapet walls
• Lead roof applications
• Ridge detailing
• Flat tiles or slate
• Roof hip details

• Flexible.
• Light weight.
• Long roll lengths.
• Easy to use and 50% quicker than lead.
• Highly UV resistant.
• Superior longevity.
• Not prone to theft - no scrap value
• Environmentally friendly.

• Available in four colours - Grey & Black as standard, Brown & Red to special order, subject to quantity.

  • led-a-flex - Gloves should be worn when handling the product due to sharp edges of the aluminium within the coil.

  • led-a-flex can be cut with a sharp knife or scissors.

  • led-a-flex can be installed in Valleys in full roll lengths, however for detailed work it is advisable to use lengths of no longer than 2.5m for ease of handling.

  • led-a-flex is not heavy, however it is wise to completely support all water seals with insulation or mechanical support.

  • Waterproof all connections/joints by using led-a-proof or similar, bitumen free, approved adhesive sealing compound. We recommend using a minimum of 2 strips per joint.

  • It is advisable to lap flashings by a minimum of 100mm.

  • When cutting Flashing set out with a Marker Pen, checking all dimensions, then cut. Care should be taken in jointing to use led-a-proof bitumen free adhesive sealing compound, all joints should be well lapped.

  • Due to the lightweight nature of led-a-flex it is advisable to use led-a-fix self-adhesive butyl tape under the led-a-flex to bond it to the substrate and prevent wind uplift.

  • When using led-a-flex on top of PVC Membranes it is advisable to use led-a-flex with a Geotextile separating layer - please enquire for details.