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Order Flexi Proof Fleece backed EPDM Rubber Roofing Products Online

  1. Designed for a wide range of flat-roof areas, from flat roof extensions and dormer window flat roofs to porches, garages and garden studios, Flexi-Proof fleece- backed EPDM delivers a really smart finish! Not only does it look good, it is durable in all weather conditions and the high level of flexibility allows for typical building movement.
  2. High specification EPDM membrane

    Superior in looks and performance than standard EPDM Membranes, the tough combination of 1.2mm EPDM and a 300 gram geotextile fleece results in a combined overall thickness of 2.6mm!
  3. Clean and safe

    Flexi-Proof fleece-backed EPDM is quick and clean to install vs bitumen based systems, Cold applied, there’s no risk of fire on site. And with a 25-year membrane warranty, you can enjoy peace of mind and a job well done.
  4. Quality means everything

    Flexi-Proof fleece-backed EPDM is manufactured in an ISO 9001-registered factory using an environmentally friendly process and modern extrusion technology resulting in a dense and uniform single-ply system.
  5. Fleece backed strength with Turbo seam efficiency

    Embedded Fleece Backing Technology (EFT) provides additional strength and protection and factory- applied turbo seam (TS) technology ensures fast and easy installation. Flexi-proof fleece-backed EPDM conforms to all required UK safety standards and is fully recyclable.
Life expectancy of 50+ years!
Trained installer network
UV and ozone resistant
CE certified
Eco friendly production
Smart aesthetics
No cracking, tearing or splitting
Durability and puncture resistance
Totally weatherproof
25 year membrane warranties
Cold application
Manufactured in an ISO 9001 registered facility


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Generally, fleece-backed EPDM is available in very limited roll sizes. This inevitably results in wasted materials, which reflects on profitability and the final finished cost of the roof. Flexi-Proof fleece backed has addressed these problems and made innovative improvements ,which bring great benefits to the installer and property owner.

  1. 1.5m wide x 15m long rolls taped on three sides, allowing roll ends to be joined without the use of cover tape.
  2. 1.5m wide x 60m long rolls cut to length.
  3. 0.75m wide x 60m long rolls cut to length.

All rolls are pre-taped for greater efficiency on site and, importantly, the highest quality jointing during installation. It means work can be completed in a timely manner and, in most cases, with the bare minimum of waste – a job well done and customer satisfaction guaranteed!