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Flat roofing using EPDM

Rubber Flat Roofs Repairs and Replacement Solutions

When it comes to house extensions, garages and smaller buildings, its common for the flat roof to be protected by asphalt, felt or gravel. However, EPDM rubber is fast becoming the perfect solution for flat roof repairs.

Unlike traditional flat roof materials, the EPDM rubber membrane is a cost-effective, light-weight material that is becoming an increasingly popular flat roof material for UK homeowners, for good reason too.

Heat-Free Installations

One of the main benefits of opting for an EPDM rubber membrane for your flat roof repair or replacement is how incredibly easy it is to install. Traditional flat roof materials such as felt require heat for it to bond, such as using tools like a blowtorch. How do you fit a rubber roof?

A flat rubber roof replacement only requires adhesives and rollers, which you can browse for here. Once applied, the EPDM rubber membrane requires little to no maintenance when installed correctly. It’s easy to repair too, with adhesives, tapes or an additional rubber membrane.

Long-Lasting Flat Roof Repairs

An EPDM rubber membrane is an incredibly versatile material that can be used on apex shed roofs and garage roofs too. Common materials such as felt require a lot of maintenance and are more likely to need replacing compared to a flat roof compromised of rubber.

Flat roof repairs and replacements will be less needed if you opt for an EPDM rubber roof, and with high-quality materials produced by manufacturers such as Flexi-Proof, you’ll be saving your money from maintenance costs for the next 50 years.

EPDM rubber is the perfect material for a flat roof repair or replacement, with benefits including:

  • Waterproof Resistant
  • Minimal maintenance required
  • Up to 50-year life expectancy
  • Incredibly durable

For more information on EPDM rubber, check out our FAQ section. At Rubber Roofing Direct, we’re here to provide you with any information you need for your flat roof repair and replacement project. Give us a call on  01306776626 or contact us here.

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Keep your flat roof and its contents well protected from only £7.45 + VAT per square metre

Save money and buy your Polygomma EPDM online from Rubber Roofing Direct – shop now.

Installation is quick and simple

The large sheet size means that you can use one sheet of EPDM rubber membrane to cover the whole flat roof roof for a superior finish.

Use our rubber roofing calculator to determine how much material you need. We stock competitively priced garage roofing materials.

There is no need for any specialist tools. We sell all the necessary glues, tapes and accessories. Visit our Training page for a step by step installation guide and video tutorials.

We are trusted suppliers of EPDM roof kits to trade and DIY customers

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Protect your garage and its contents for a lifetime from damp or water damage.

EPDM rubber roofing is the best material for garage roofs as it is weather proof, won’t crack or split and has been proven to be effective for at least 50 years.

Talk to our roofing specialists

Our team are experts in roof coverings for all kinds of flat roofs including garden shed roofs and flat garage roofs. Call us on 01306 776626 or contact us here.

We can give you advice on flat roofing materials as well as guide you through the installation of your new flat roof with our handy installation tutorials. Rubber Roofing Direct also provides materials for shed roofing repairs and garage repairs.

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