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Garage roof replacement, construction and repair with a Classicbond EPDM rubber flat roofing membrane

If you were thinking of using felt or bitumen for your Garage roof replacement or construction repairs, think again. EPDM is a flat rubber roofing membrane that is far superior in performance and durability. Unlike other more traditional flat roofing membranes, EPDM has been proven to last for at least 50 years, is highly resistant to puncturing and won’t tear or split. Install EPDM once and then relax, confident that there will be no need for periodic repairs and that your garage – and its contents – are well protected.


 Garage roof replacement, construction and repair with a Classicbond EPDM rubber flat roofing membrane      



Major Benefits of using an EPDM Rubber Flat Roofing Membrane for your Garage Roof Replacement:


  • The biggest advantage of EPDM roofing over other types of flat roofing materials is its cost.
  • EPDM is inexpensive compared to other roofing options.
  • EPDM rubber roofing is also very lightweight, hence flat roof deck do not need any kind of reinforcement.
  • EPDM roofing do not scratch or scuff easily, and can be easily repaired if a leak does occur.
  • EPDM Roofing is highly resistant to puncturing and won’t easily tear or split.
  • EPDM roofing does not easily get damaged by UV rays, which helps it hold up well in sunny climates.

Choose Flexi Proof EPDM using our EPDM Calculator for a cost effective solution to your garage roof replacement or construction repairs. The large sheet size usually means there will be no joints over your garage roof, so installation is quick and easy. There’s no need for any specialist tools and we will help every step of the way.


Visit our Training page for a step by step installation guide and video tutorials.


Flat garage roof construction, repair & replacement with an EPDM rubber roofing membrane


At Rubber Roofing Direct we recommend using a ClassicBond EPDM flat rubber roofing membrane for your garage roof replacement.

Choose Flexi Proof EPDM for your garage roof, it will last a lifetime!

If you have any questions or want to discuss your project then please don't hesitate to contact us.