Fixed Polycarbonate Rooflights (Kerb & Polycarbonate Top)


Fixed Polycarbonate Rooflights (Kerb & Polycarbonate Top)

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Roof lights are designed to let in as much light as possible while keeping the framework to a minimum. We offer a range of great designs with imaginative engineering and products which are built to last. Choose from our comprehensive range of roof lights to suit your indoor space. We can even design bespoke lights such as pitched roof lights. The trade range that we supply is one of the most in demand UPVC products on the market.

Offering a sleek design with a contemporary style, it is also Part L compliant (only when used with Triple Glazed Polycarbonate). Constructed from high quality and long lasting UPVC, our rooflight range also provides an integrated water management system to repel water on the outside of the roof light. Internally, the light is white UPVC, offering a clean and simple finish.

The trade range Kerb options are great because they provide a ribbed section on the upper side of the external wall. This strengthens adhesion to offer a number of waterproofing solutions. Manufactured using the latest techniques, all products in the trade range are crafted using the CNC manufacturing process which ensures accuracy and consistency in each unit that we produce.

Kerb roof lights are designed to be installed at the finished roof level and is an excellent solution for retrofitting an existing flat roof. Our trade range is 168mm high and splays in from the base section by 100mm on either side. Furthermore, the 60mm base fixing flange allows a seamless installation on flat or inclined roofing structures. U Values for this profile is 2.05 w/m2K


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Rooflight Size

600mm x 600mm [Clear Light 400mm x 400mm], 600mm x 900mm [Clear Light 400mm x 700mm], 750mm x 750mm [Clear Light 550mm x 550mm], 900mm x 900mm [Clear Light 700mm x 700mm], 900mm x 1200mm [Clear Light 700mm x 1000mm], 900mm x 1800mm [Clear Light 700mm x 1600mm], 1000mm x 1000mm [Clear Light 800mm x 800mm], 1200mm x 1200mm [Clear Light 1000mm x 1000mm], 1500mm x 1500mm [Clear Light 1300mm x 1300mm]

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Double Glazed, Triple Glazed