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    EPDM Rubber Roofing FAQ's

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    which rubber roofing membrane should i use?

  • Buy Classicbond one piece epdm duoply fleece reinforced rubber roofing membranes for your flat roofs

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EPDM rubber roofing training courses

EPDM rubber roofing training courses

Want to become a professional EPDM rubber roof installer? 

Rubber Roofing Direct runs training courses for roofing professionals. In just one day, we’ll teach you how to install an EPDM rubber roof, install patches, drains, weathering details and edge trims.  Having completed the training, you will have valuable additional skills that will benefit your business, plus you’ll become part of our Approved Installer network. As an Approved Installer you’ll benefit from:

  • Installation enquiries from potential customers in your area
  • Trade prices on all EPDM materials bought through Rubber Roofing Direct

We also provide technical support whenever you need it. Just give us a call to speak to one of our Rubber Roofing Direct team, all of whom have real on-site experience.

Sign up for your EPDM rubber roof training course today! Call us on 01306 776626 or email us.

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