RPS Stackable Paving Support

stackable paving support

RPS Stackable Paving Support

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Stackable Paving Supports

Quickly and easily install a paving or decking system onto a flat roof surface. The paving supports can be placed directly, or onto pads, on top of the membrane without the use of adhesives or fasteners of any sort.

The support consists of a high resistance base which is placed directly on to the EPDM. The paving slabs are then placed directly onto the supports without the use of concrete or adhesives of any sort. The base is fitted with guides which position and anchor perfectly the paving slabs and which at the same time act as expansion joints.

All of the supports are modular and can be stacked so as to achieve the height or thickness of gap underneath the paving desired, and eliminating any unevenness of the roof deck itself. The supports are designed to eliminate cracking and damaging of the waterproofing membrane caused by expansion and contraction of the paving or damage caused by walking on the paving.

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Polypropelene (recycleable)

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Resistant to moulds, algae, alkali, bitumen, UV