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Elastathane25 Liquid Roofing



Why choose Elastathane25 for your flat roofing project?

Elastathane 25 is a polyurethane liquid system, ideal for complicated roofs where a membrane may not be an option. No nonsense straight out of the tin. This system can be laid onto many existing surfaces and has a 25-year life expectancy. Find out more about roofing products.


What is Elastathane25?

Elastathane 25 is a unique single component polyurethane liquid membrane, based on the successful combination of membrane and accelerator which provides applicators with a solution for a fast curing, bubble free thick layer membrane, providing a great flat roof solution. EPDM membrane is suitable for all flat roofs.

It is formulated with the accelerator incorporated in a blocked fashion which upon contact with humidity it is released and self-accelerates the curing of the material.

Due to its unique formulation, it cures rapidly to form a completely defect free membrane with excellent mechanical and elastomeric properties. Contact Rubber Roofing Direct for more information about liquid roofing.

This product is ideal for use during the winter months or in climates with relatively low humidity. Furthermore, the fact that the minimum consumption can now be achieved in only one coat, reduces labour cost and eliminates problems such as short working time or problems associated with multilayer coats adhesion failure. Buy your Elastathane 25 products here.

Why Should You Use Elastathane25?

  • Simple, one-coat application
  • Attractive, completely seamless finish
  • Subperb adhesive to almost any type of surface
  • Excellent water and frost resistance
  • First class weather and UV resistance
  • Solor refelective
  • Stable between -40°C and 80°C

Elastathane 25 liquid roofing products

Buy the Elastathane 25 detailer Universal primer from Elastathane Elastathane 25 liquid waterproofer