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Elastathane 25 Liquid Waterproofer

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Elastathane 25 from Cromar rapid cure, one coat polyurethane liquid applied waterproof coating.
Excl. VAT: £50.00 Incl. VAT: £60.00


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Elastathane 25 is a unique single component polyurethane liquid membrane, based on the successful combination of membrane and accelerator which provides applicators with a solution for a fast curing, bubble free thick layer membrane. It is formulated with the accelerator incorporated in a blocked fashion, which, upon contact with humidity is released and self-accelerates the curing of the material.
Due to its unique formulation, it cures rapidly to form a completely defect free membrane with excellent mechanical and elastomeric properties. This product is ideal for use during the winter months or in climates with relatively low humidity. Furthermore, the fact that the minimum consumption can now be achieved in only one coat, reduces labour cost and eliminates problems such as short working time or problems associated with multilayer coats adhesion failure.

Waterproofing and protection of:
Gypsum and cement boards,
Polyurethane insulation foams,
Verandas and balconies,
Light roofing made of metal or fibrous cement,
Asphalt membranes,
EPDM membranes.

Not recommended for:
Unsound substrates,
Waterproofing of swimming pool surfaces in contact with chemically treated water.
Primer usage is necessary, please refer to primer selection table or contact our technical department.

Can be successfully applied on:
Concrete, fibrous cement, mosaic, cement roof tiles, old (but well adhered) acrylic and asphalt coats, wood. For information about other substrates, please contact our tech department.