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DuoPly Water Based Deck Adhesive

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This high-strength, acrylic based adhesive allowing for fast, effective adhering of EPDM membranes to the timber deck.

Excl. VAT: £36.00 Incl. VAT: £43.20


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DuoPly™ Water-Based Deck Adhesive (WBA)

DuoPly™ Water-Based Decking Adhesive is used for bonding DuoPly™ EPDM membranes to a variety of flat roof structures.

The DuoPly™ Water-Based adhesive offers dependable, long-lasting peel strength without any solvents or strong odours. 

The high-strength DuoPly™ Water-Based Decking Adhesive is fast-acting and quickly develops an effective bond of EPDM membranes to various roof materials and structures.

This reliable adhesive can be used on:

  • Decking

  • Timber

  • Concrete

  • Tissue faced insulation board

DuoPly™ Water-Based Decking Adhesive is specifically designed to bond polymeric roof membranes to a wide range of roof decks, ensuring that your roof is protected all year round.

We offer a wide range of DuoPly™ products and accessories that help you achieve the best results for your roof.

Technical Information

  • Base: Acrylic

  • Colour: White/Cream

  • Shelf Life: 1 Year

  • Coverage: 3-4m² per litre.

Installation Guide


Ensure the surface of the roof that the DuoPly™ Water-Based Decking Adhesive is smooth and is dirt and dust free.


  • Apply the adhesive to the substrate in a stroking motion to avoid puddles and uncoated areas. Avoid heavy or thin application of adhesive, ensure its spread evenly.

  • Roll the DuoPly™ membrane into the adhesive whilst the decking adhesive is still wet. Ensure that the membrane and adhesive are lining.

  • Push the membrane into the adhesive with a soft broom to remove any trapped air. Ensure that the DuoPly™ membrane is fully pressed down into the adhesive.

  • If the adhesive is still wet in some areas, clean any overspill from the DuoPly™ membrane.

  • The curing process can take between 1-8 hours dependent on various conditions.

What is DuoPly™ Water-Based Decking Adhesive suitable and not suitable for?
DuoPly™ Water-Based Decking Adhesive is designed to specially work with timber roof surfaces. We do not advise using this type of adhesive with roof surfaces such as metal or glass reinforced plastics.

Can I go over existing felt with DuoPly™ Water-Based Decking Adhesive?
DuoPly™ Water-Based Decking Adhesive cannot be used over existing felt. However, we would recommend using Duoply™ PU Adhesive.

How long does the adhesive last when exposed during the application process?
DuoPly™ Water-Based Decking Adhesive has an open time between 1-8 hours on various weather conditions.

Please take a look at our FAQs section for more information.