Flat Roof Breather Vent

Flat Roof Breather Vent

Flat Roof Breather Vent

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Used when a cold roof deck needs ventilation.

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Breather Flat Roof Vents are designed specifically as a means of ventilating between the layers on a cold deck flat roof. They are suitable for use with almost all roof coatings and multi layer flat roof systems and provide essential airflow between the flat roof layers to reduce the build up of condensation and other forms of moisture which can occur in unventilated flat roofs.

By creating a ventilated layer between multi layer flat roof systems you reduce the moisture levels which if not treated, can expand and contract through heat variations causing tearing, warping and general movement, damaging the flat roof.

Unfortunately as these flat roof vents are made of PVC, they are not suitable for use on flat asphalt roofs.

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