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1.50mm ClassicBond EPDM Membrane (060)
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(£9.49 + VAT per square metre)
1.5mm Classicbond EPDM Rubber Roofing Membrane is BBA approved and proven to last in excess of 50 years
Excl. VAT: £9.49 Incl. VAT: £11.39


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Classicbond EPDM Rubber Roof Membrane
ClassicBond membranes are strong, lightweight, easily installed and are the perfect solution for flat roof renovation, new flat roof installations and various roofing projects.

These professional grade membranes are all BBA approved and available in 1.14mm and 1.52mm thicknesses.

BBA approved EPDM roofing membrane.

Classicbond EPDM Rubber Roofing Membrane Installation Guide


What is Classic Bond EPDM Membrane?

Classic Bond EPDM is a 100% cured single-ply roofing membrane made of a synthetic rubber, the chemical name is Ethylene-Propylene-Diene Terpolymer or Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer. Classic Bond rubber membrane is a remarkable material that is predominately manufactured in large sheet sizes, and installed in a one piece system.


Does the membrane have an up and downside?

No, there is no difference between the top and the bottom of the membrane; however you may wish to lay the membrane with the writing side down to make it more appealing to the eye.

How long will the membrane last?

All evidence, real life exposure, and laboratory tests suggest that when correctly installed, a Classic Bond EPDM roof will last in excess of 50 years Classic Bond offers unmatched resistance to UV radiation, ozone, alkali rains and extremes of temperatures.

Is Classic Bond EPDM synthetic rubber membrane suitable for my flat roof?

Yes, EPDM rubber is suitable for virtually all flat and low sloping roofs, Check out our other uses section for various other projects Rubber EPDM can be used.


Will the membrane require any protective coat?

No, unlike traditional roofing systems e.g built up felt roofing, there is no requirement to protect the membrane with chippings or solar reflective paint as the membranes are completely UV stable


Does the membrane come in various colours & what does it look like?

It is only available in one colour and has a natural slate grey finish


Which substrates can I adhere the membrane to?

Compatible surfaces are wood, PIR and PUR insulation, bitumen, concrete, masonry, aluminium, zinc and lead. Classic Bond EPDM can overlay virtually any old roof provided the roof decking is sound and the existing structure can carry the load of the new roofing system.


Can Classic Bond EPDM Membrane be adhered on a wet surface?

No, ponded water, snow, frost and ice must be removed from the roof surface before installation of the membrane.


Can EPDM be coated or Painted?

Acrylic coatings are available that can be applied directly to a prepared EPDM surface. Preparation usually consists of cleaning the EPDM with a pressure washer and a detergent solution or wash. Latex-based paint products can also be used, however, the EPDM manufacturer should be contacted prior to application to ensure compatibility and continuation of warranty coverage.

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