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EPDM Primer ClassicBond®

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EPDM Primer is a solvent based product designed for one step cleaning and priming of EPDM and other suitable surfaces prior to application of pressure sensitive accessories.

Excl. VAT: £7.00 Incl. VAT: £8.40


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ClassicBond® EPDM Primer is a solvent based product designed for one step cleaning and priming of EPDM membranes. ClassicBond® EPDM Primer must be used prior to the application of pressure sensitive accessories such as 9 inch Mouldable Flashing Tape, 6 inch Cover Tape, Pipe Seals and PS Walkway Pads.

Why use ClassicBond® EPDM Primer:

  • Fast curing time

  • Coverage rates up to 47.5 linear metres

  • One-step cleaner and primer


  • 0.25L (covers 8.25 1/m @ 100mm Both Sides

  • 0.5L (covers 16.5 1/m @100mm Both Sides

  • 1L (covers 331/m @ 100mm Both Sides


ClassicBond® EPDM primer is available in various sizes. Rubber Roofing Direct supplies 250ml primer which covers 1.18sqm, 500ml which covers 2.35sqm and 1L EPDM primer which covers 4.75sqm.

Manufacturer: ClassicBond®
Base: Synthetic rubber
Solids: 18%
Colour: Olive drab to dark grey
VOC: 727grams/litre
Flash point: 4.4°C
Shelf life: 9 months, 5°C to 25°C


  • Ensure you have stirred thoroughly allowing all settled pigments to disperse. A minimum of five minutes stirring is recommended.

  • Surfaces should be clean, free from dust, grease, loose materials and must be dry.


  • Remove dirt and excess dust from the surface area by wiping with a clean rag. If necessary, clean the splice area thoroughly with Weathered Membrane Cleaner. This is necessary on membrane that has been exposed for a few weeks.

  • Thoroughly stir primer until all settled materials are blended into the solution.

  • Application of EPDM Primer: Apply the primer to the membrane with a scrubber pad or paint brush. The coated area will be free of globs or puddles. Note: The use of excessive amounts of EPDM Primer will not significantly enhance the adhesion of the pressure-sensitive product to the EPDM membrane. Use only the amount necessary to obtain 100% coverage of the area where the tape or adhesive will be applied.

  • We have a wide of installation videos available in our training centre. You can find out how to apply the EPDM Membrane, Adhesives, Flashings & Seam Tapes and even a drain outlet if needed.

  • Allow the EPDM Primer to dry until it does not transfer to a dry finger touch. Installation of the pressure-sensitive product as soon as the primer flashes off minimises potential dust contamination and promotes adhesion in colder weather.