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6 inch Cover Tape
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6" (150mm) Pressure Sensitive Cured Flashing Tape

ClassicBond 150mm flashing tape is used for stripping in metal edging, drip edges, gravel stops and fastening plates. This tape consists of a 1.02mm semi-cured EPDM strip laminated to a 0.89mm fully cured synthetic rubber based pressure sensitive adhesive.

This tape isn’t designed to be used for molding around corners, pipes, cover patches for seam joints or other detail installations.

Product is sold per linear metre or per full roll
Resists tearing, cracking and abrasion in all weather conditions
Can be used when seaming with 75mm PS tape is not possible
Must be used with ClassicBond EPDM Primer

When butt jointing of ClassicBond membrane or seaming to a metal drip or similar a 152mm cover strip is used. This tape is not for detailing of corners , pipes or penetrations.

1. Ensure there is no gap between the membrane when butt jointing. The 152mm tape should be centrally located over the joint.

2. Apply ClassicBond EPDM Primer to the area to be seamed. Apply primer 80-100mm either side of the join in the EPDM sheets.

3. Once the ClassicBond EPDM Primer has dried, peel back 150mm of the poly backing and press the PS tape into the primed area. once the tape is held in position, peel back the poly backing and smooth the tape into the primed area. Progress along the seam.

4. Once the entire length of tape is applied to the seam, roll across the 152mm tape with hand roller.

5. Where 152mm tapes intersect other tapes, 228mm uncured tape cover patches must be applied.

EPDM Primer
Paint Brush