One-Piece EPDM Flashing & Seam Tapes


Rubber Roofing Direct stocks high-quality EPDM tape that simplifies the installation process of your new EPDM rubber roofing system. The FlexiProof EPDM flashing tape, EPDM cover tape and EPDM seam tape ranges are designed and manufactured for the weathering and finishing of external or internal corners, details, seams, and joins in EPDM membranes.


Flexiproof EPDM Rubber Roofing Flashing & Seam Tapes

We stock every type of EPDM rubber tape and accessory you could need when completing your flat roof project.

Whether you're looking for EPDM rubber roof joint tape or flexible flashing tape, we have what you need. Our selection includes:

EPDM Seam Tape

Our FlexiProof Seam Tape is made from vulcanised black rubber. This pressure-sensitive seam tape is perfect for splicing two sections of EPDM together and can also be used for joining EPDM to lead flashing.