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EPDM Edge Trims for Flat Roofs and Rubber Membranes

Our range and selection of EPDM edge trims are designed for any roof size.

Edge trims are ideal when it comes to further finishing and weatherproofing your EPDM flat roof, especially if you’re using the Flexi Proof.

Our edge trims are designed to provide maximum reliability and support for flat roofs compromised of EPDM rubber membranes.

It can protect the eaves of a roof from water and it can also help keep the membrane secure.

When it comes to installing the Flexi Proof membrane, you’ll need to make sure you have the correct adhesives and sealants to install the roof correctly.

Our Sure Edge products, such as the Gutter Drip Trim and Corner Profiles are available.

The main benefit of installing EPDM edge trims for your new flat roof is to provide further protection against weather conditions such as high winds and heavy rain.

Edge trims are designed to withstand all weather conditions.


  • Little to no maintenance required.
  • Up to a 50-year life expectancy.
  • 100% recyclable.
  • No specialist tools required.
  • Highly durable.
  • Easy installation.

If you’re interested in the Flexi Proof one-piece rubber membrane system or have further questions about our EPDM edge trims, contact us here. Alternatively, check out our FAQ section for more information on flat rubber roofs.