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EPDM Primer

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FLEXI PROOF™ EPDM Primer is a solvent based product designed for one step cleaning and priming of EPDM and other suitable surfaces prior to application of pressure sensitive accessories.

Excl. VAT: £7.50 Incl. VAT: £9.00


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FLEXI PROOF™ EPDM Primer is a fast solution in priming your EPDM rubber roofing membrane sheet prior to the application of Pressure Sensitve tapes (PST) and other accessories.

The FLEXI PROOF™ EPDM Primer is manufactured to ensure 100% compatability with the FLEXI PROOF™ EPDM membrane, ensuring that your rubber roof won’t be compromised and is built to last especiallly on hand formed details

The FLEXI PROOF™ EPDM Primer is a perfect, cost-effective solution in helping you repair your roof from leaks or tears. It can be also be used for the application of pressure sensitive tapes that you may want to add to your rubber roof. It is designed to be used with seam tape, cover tape, flashing tape, pipe seals and other accessories 


  • 0.25L (covers 8.25 1/m @ 100mm Both Sides

  • 0.5L (covers 16.5 1/m @100mm Both Sides

  • 1L (covers 331/m @ 100mm Both Sides


  • Ensure you have stirred thoroughly allowing all settled pigments to disperse. A minimum of five minutes stirring is recommended.

  • Surfaces should be clean, free from dust, grease, loose materials and must be dry.


  • Remove dirt and excess dust from the surface area by wiping with a clean rag. If necessary, clean the splice area thoroughly with Weathered Membrane Cleaner. This is necessary on membrane that has been exposed for a few weeks.

  • Thoroughly stir primer until all settled materials are blended into the solution.

  • Application of EPDM Primer: Apply the primer to the membrane with a scrubber pad or paint brush. The coated area will be free of globs or puddles. Note: The use of excessive amounts of EPDM Primer will not significantly enhance the adhesion of the pressure-sensitive product to the EPDM membrane. Use only the amount necessary to obtain 100% coverage of the area where the tape or adhesive will be applied.

  • Allow the EPDM Primer to thoroughly dry until it does not transfer to a dry finger touch or any wet patches . Installation of the pressure-sensitive product as soon as the primer flashes off minimises potential dust contamination and promotes adhesion in colder weather.