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FLEXI PROOF One Piece EPDM Roofing Flat Roofing

A Dependable Rubber Flat Roofing System Available in all Sizes

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Flexi Proof® One-Piece EPDM membrane is a rubber roofing system that is ideal for any roofing project.

This rubber membrane is extremely easy to install and offers real value for money. It is one of our most popular EPDM roofing systems we offer.

FlexiProof One Piece EPDM is one of the best EPDM roofing systems that have a life expectancy of over 50 years.

The Flexi Proof® one-piece membrane is available in 1.14mm thick and 1.52mm thick, single sheets.

Flexi Proof rubber roof systems truly offer modern, cutting-edge EPDM membrane technology that offers a wealth of benefits that include:

  • An incredible 50-year life expectancy
  • UV and Ozone resistant
  • Fully recyclable and energy-efficient manufacturing
  • Extremely low maintenance system
  • Incredibly durable to extreme weather conditions
  • Puncture resistance
  • Easy application with no specialist tools needed
  • CE Marked
  • BRoofT4 fire rating

The Flexi Proof® rubber roof system truly is the perfect choice for homeowners looking for the right roof material.

It’s incredibly versatile and can be used for a range of projects such as extensions, garage roofs, sheds and other flat roof surfaces.

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Flexi Proof One Piece

Benefits Of Installing Flexi Proof One Piece EPDM Membrane On Your Home

Long Term Performance And Ease Of Installation

The key attribute to any flat roof system has to be long term performance as this truly defines the life cycle cost of your roof, EPDM membranes have a proven life expectancy of over 50 years which means you could not make at better long term choice for you flat roof system.

Tough And Versatile

Flexi Proof® EPDM membranes are produced using modern extrusion technology which leads to a dense uniform sheet free of imperfections with good puncture resistance, long term flexibility and strength. Due to EPDM'S composition any future alterations are completed with ease, the membrane remains flexible and can be re-worked at any time of its life.


Flexi Proof membrane range are supplied with 25-year warranties to Certified Installers and insurance backed warrantys can be provided from many contractors to cover their workmanship.


Currently most EPDM membranes are produced in the original manner using dated calendaring technology, leading to the heavy use of unsightly talcum powder and obvious factory joins, since 2012 the EPDM production sector has seen major investment of over 200 million dollars in to 3 EPDM production plants one in the states and one in the middle East an 1 in Asia and in all instances the chosen method of manufacturing is Extrusion, Flexi Proof® EPDM membranes are produced using this modern method of manufacturing in these new facility

Flame Free Installation

Flexi Proof EPDM membranes require virtually no naked flame use during installation of the membranes removing the many of the risks associated with bitumen based systems, giving you the home owner and the installer a like a worry free installation

Key Benefits

  • Durable - Extremely tough with a high puncture resistance - strong enough to walk on
  • Flame free - naked flame heat tools are not required for installing flexi proof EPDM membranes
  • Long Term - UV and ozone resistant - it won’t crack, tear or split
  • Looks - Extruded EPDM is Quite simply a better looking Sheet
  • Installer friendly system - Ease of installation leading to higher standards and projects made water tight faster .
  • Modern - Extruded EPDM membranes are at the cutting edge of rubber membrane technology
  • Green - Environmentally friendly manufacturing process and fully recyclable
  • High Quality - Flexi Proof EPDM membrane conforms to all required UK standards
  • Flexible - Amazing Elongation, which allows for all typical building movement
  • Currently available in a variety of widths and thicknesses

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