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DuoPly EPDM Membrane - Polyester Backed Rubber Roofing Membrane

DuoPly EPDM Membrane

Polyester backed EPDM roofing membrane, 2.6mm thick, 12.2m metres long by 1.52 metres wide (18.54 m2).  All DuoPly roofing membranes come with Pre-applied Seam Tape (PST) applied to one edge of the roll.

Duopoly EPDM Primer and PST are applied to the Duoply EPDM membranes in a factory-controlled setting, ensuring reliable and greater peel and shear strengths with no entrapped air bubbles.

PST improves seaming productivity, this means completing projects faster, improving the ability to get buildings ‘in the dry’ in less time, and minimising business disruption .


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