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Contact Bonding Adhesive DuoPly

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The DuoPly™ Bonding Adhesive is vital in ensuring that your DuoPly™ EPDM rubber roofing membrane is secure and adhered for life. It can be used for absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces.
Excl. VAT: £18.00 Incl. VAT: £21.60


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DuoPly™ Bonding Adhesive

A bonding adhesive that is primarily used for bonding DuoPly™ fleece reinforced membranes to non-timber surfaces, upstands and around the perimeter of the roof.

DuoPly™ Bonding Adhesive has been designed and manufactured to be durable and long-lasting.

This high quality and tack bonding adhesive is vital in applying DuoPly™ fleece reinforced membranes to vertical and horizontal roofs.

The DuoPly™ Bonding Adhesive has a short open time and once applied, it has fast curing results and a high strength factor. The bonding adhesive is suitable for a range of substrates and can be applied to your roof with the use of our contact adhesive roller set.

Installation Guide

How to Apply:

Before beginning installation, the surfaces to be smooth and clean.

Both the rear of the membrane and substrate must be free of all dirt, dust and moisture before applying the DuoPly™ Bonding Adhesive.

The bonding adhesive should also be stirred vigorously before application.

  • Apply the DuoPly™ Bonding Adhesive to both the back of the roofing membrane and the substrate. Ensure both surfaces are fully covered and spread evenly to avoid pools of the adhesive in one area.

  • Allow the Bonding Adhesive to dry before pressing the surfaces together. If the adhesive is not dry, entrapment of air may occur.

  • Carefully align the materials together before contact. Roll the surfaces down together at maximum pressure. Use a roller to help compress the materials together and remove air.

After this is done, trimming and finishing of the membrane can be started immediately. Overlapping parts of the membrane can be sealed with primer.

How long does the DuoPly™ Bonding Adhesive last for?
The DuoPly™ Bonding Adhesive can last in excess of 50 years. We also offer a 20-year manufacturer warranty on all our EPDM systems.

What surfaces can the DuoPly™ Bonding Adhesive be applied on?
The DuoPly™ Bonding Adhesive can be applied to various angle changes. It can also be used for bonding DuoPly™ Membranes onto deck and non-absorbent surfaces.

What is the shelf life of DuoPly™ Bonding Adhesive?
The shelf life of DuoPly™ Bonding Adhesive is up to 12 months in an unopened can.

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