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Bay window roof construction, repair and replacement with a EPDM rubber roofing membrane to guarantee no leaks

Bay Window Roof construction, repair and replacement with an EPDM Rubber Roofing Membrane


The last thing you need is water leaking through your bay window roof, so choosing an effective and appropriate flat roofing membrane is essential. Flexi Proof EPDM rubber roofing is flexible, stretches, and is designed to effortlessly withstand typical building movement. Even better, EPDM has been proven to last for over 50 years without any compromise to performance.

Unlike other widely used flat roof membranes, EPDM is resistant to the most extreme weather conditions and won’t split or rot. It also has high resistance to punctures, so you can look forward to a watertight bay window roof for years to come. EPDM will keep on looking good as well, it doesn’t support moss or algae growing on its surface and the dark grey finish will blend smartly with it surrounds.

At Rubber Roofing Direct, we recommend the Flexi Proof EPDM Rubber Roof membrane for your bay window roof as it comes in one sheet, minimising material wastage and keeps the cost down.

Make the smart choice for your bay window roof, choose Flexi Proof EPDM.